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This site offers several freeware programs for download. They are listed on the left.

Please have a look at the commercial software programs
SpotOnTheMouse and Golden Ratio, too.
The first one is a mouse pointer action visualization tool.
The second one is a screen measurement and stencil tool specialized on proportions.

These programs are (c) copyright by Markus Welz.

System requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
The software has been tested on Win95, Win98, Win2000, WinXP-32Bit, Win7-64Bit, Win8-64Bit and Win10-64Bit. But theoretically it should also run on the other Windows versions.

This software does not contain Log4J :-)


This software is freeware.
This means that it is completely free for anybody to use without any limitations. This software is owned completely by the author ( ). Since this software is intended to be freeware, the author does not authorize the sale of this software. The programs may be freely distributed without royalty as long as they are distributed in the form of the original setup file.
The author provides this software as is and makes no warranty about it’s operations. By installing these applications, the installer assumes all the risks of installing and using this software.

Installation advice

Start the program setup_ProgName.exe. It will guide you through the usual installation process. You can uninstall the program by starting 'Software' from the control panel...


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Version 1.1
This is a very useful tool for software developers and computer graphics artists.

Whenever single-pixel-accuracy is required, Lens will assist you by magnifying the area around the mouse pointer.
Unlike with many other magnifying tools you don't have to pause during the process of magnification! Lens continually updates its window and always stays on top. Among many other features it is possible to measure distances between two pixels within the Lens-window.
The magnification factors range from one to ten fold.
A menu pops up when you click on the Lens-window with the right mouse button.

September 2021: New version 1.2 released!
It has an option to slow down the mouse pointer in the magnified area when the position is locked. This is of great help for users who want work with higher accuracy.

Download Lens now (623 kB)
(c) Copyright by Markus Welz 2000


Version 2.1
Tired of clicking through all the fonts when trying to create a nice text layout? Here's the solution.

This little program shows all the fonts that are installed on your Windows system. The text that includes the fonts can be copied to the clipboard for further formatting and printing with a word processing program. This text can also be stored to the file "AllFonts.rtf".

Download MW-Fonts now (444 kB)
(c) Copyright by Markus Welz 2001

Window Size

Version 2.2
A nice tool for web designers and programmers.

You want to test how your program or web site looks on a screen with lower resolution than your's?
You can change your screen's resolution of course. But it is probably more convenient just to resize your program's or browser's window to the desired width and height. All you have to do is to select the desired size and then click on the big button. The next window that becomes the forground window (by clicking on that window or it's taskbar button) will be resized.

New in version 2.2: A function to restore the original size of each window which has been resized with WindowSize. This will, however, not work if WindowSize has meanwhile been stopped and restarted.
New in version 2.1:
1. Add a border in order to get the correct client area size for a maximized window.
2. Subtract the size of the taskbar.

Download WindowSize now (366 kB)
(c) Copyright by Markus Welz 2004

Window Sensor

Version 1.1
This program can be used by software developers in order to reveal the structure of a graphical user interface.

Window Sensor is a simple tool to find out the type of window or control at the mouse pointer position. It displays the class name, window handle and window text of the window or control and of all of its parents (containers) up to the main window.
Optionally the window or control can be highlighted by a red rectangular frame.
Note that this program does not make any changes to other programs. It does only read information.

Download Window Sensor now (764 kB)
(c) Copyright by Markus Welz 2005

Kwik Launch

Version 1.1
You can start programs or open files with it. It is basically the same as the Quick Launch Bar you usually find next to the Start button of Windows. However KwickLaunch has a number of advantages:
- It can be placed freely everywhere on the screen and it does not dock to a screen border or inside the Task Bar.
- There is no automatical hiding option. KwikLaunch is always visible.
- KwikLaunch is semi transparent, and mouse clicks go through it unless you hold the mouse pointer over it for a given amount of time.
- It can contain menus, which are simply defined as sub folders of the main button folder.
- The buttons can be grouped into menus in order to save space on the KwikLaunch bar.

This screen shot shows KwikLaunch above the Windows Explorer.
It is in the transparent state now, which means that it is visible, but mouse clicks are applied to the Windows Explorer below it.

After holding the mouse pointer over it for a short time it becomes 'solid'.
Now you can click on the buttons.

This screen shot shows a menu automatically created from all text files in the button folder.
Of couse you can open files by dragging and dropping them onto a program button or onto a menu button of the KwikLaunch bar.

Download KwikLaunch now (797 kB)
(c) Copyright by Markus Welz 2005

Langton's Ant

Version 2
It's just eye-candy.

This program is based on an amazingly simple algorithm:
An "ant" is walking across a two-dimensional array of bits. If the bit the ant steps on is 0 (color 2) the ant turns left. If the bit is 1 (color 1) the ant turns right. The bit the ant has just left will be inverted.
These simple rules lead to different intermediate patterns. But after a while it all ends up in chaos.

Download Langton's Ant now (365 kB)
(c) Copyright by Markus Welz 2002


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